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August 30, 2021
Top 10 SEO Experts in Pakistan

Who are the top ten SEO experts in Pakistan? Let’s find out.

1. AA Muhammadi Founder of AAM Consultants

Muhammadi founded AAM Consultants in 2016 to help local businesses increase their visibility online. He completed his BS from the Virtual University of Pakistan and then worked as an SEO specialist for the world’s leading companies.

He is a Google digital marketing certified expert and has more than five years of experience in the field of SEO and content writing. He has helped dozens of companies drive the ranking of their web pages.

Under Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi’s lead, AAM Consultants has developed a host of service offerings. These include high-quality graphic design, web development, content writing, and, of course, SEO. The firm has now accumulated more than 125 customers and optimized by more than 70,000 links. It regularly posts success stories from its clients on its website.

2. Syed Talha Ali Founder of SEOHUB

Syed Talha Ali founded SEOHUB in 2018 with a vision to make more high-quality digital marketing services available across Pakistan.

Syed goes beyond mere “service provision” and believes in offering customers solutions to their digital marketing problems. Therefore, he designs his services that address specific endpoints, such as website ranking and conversions.

What makes SEOHUB PK a leader in the space? According to Syed, it is the brand’s willingness to make sacrifices that competitors are not.

Prior to SEOHUB PK, Syed worked as an SEO Manager at TPL Corp and Abtach Ltd.

3. Hassan Shabeer Founder of SEOKingsClub

Hassan Shabeer is the founder of SEOKingsClub, an agency on a mission to change businesses' perceptions of SEO. Hassan and his team work with numerous Fortune 500 companies, using their awareness-building strategy to drive traffic.

The firm has now worked with more than 40 clients, completing over 150 projects in its ten-year history.

4. Imran Khan of TechNerds

Imran Khan is the CEO and founder of TechNerds. He has helped more than 1000 businesses breakthrough with digital technology, allowing them to bring their brands to their full potential.

Imran oversees a team of digital marketing specialists who regularly publish how-to videos showing customers how they can get the best results from their marketing activities. He has more than ten years of experience in both business development and tech.

5. Mehboob Ali Shar of iCreativez

Mehboob Ali Shar is a top SEO guru and expert at iCreativez who has helped his clients increase sales by 10 times. He focuses on “pull marketing” - a technique that draws users from all over the internet to purchase products and services.
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6. Umer Hayat of Hukumat

Umer Hyat launched Hukumat Networks in 2007 when he was just 17 years old. Since then, the company has helped both companies and individuals reach their visibility goals based on strategies that meet their exact needs.

Umer says that his company had many failures at every stage of its development, but it never quits. The brand continues working hard and only uses white hat approaches to SEO and PPC.

7. Ammar Pervez Of Social Snipper

Ammar Pervez is the CEO of Social Snipper, a marketing agency that has now worked with more than 200 clients around the world. Pervez says that the best approach to growing businesses is to use multiple channels in tandem. That’s why his brand offers all clients full-service support, using a combination of methods to help them gain more leads.

8. Ahmad Ali of Webbee

Ahmad Ali is the co-founder of Webbee (alongside Asim Mughal), a company that helps companies build their online presence.

During the development of the brand, he has collected a large team of internet marketing professionals with skills covering many areas.

Today, customers can use his agency for digital marketing, website design strategy, process building, and Java desktop app development.

9. Waleed Najam of Rankistan

Rankistan is today one of the largest SEO companies in Pakistan. Its founder, Waleed Najam, is a veteran digital marketer who loves doing business online using multiple technologies and techniques.

He founded Rankistan in 2018 - a company focused on helping clients optimize social media, email marketing, PPC campaigns and, of course, search engine optimization. Previously, Waleed was a digital marketing blogger.

10. Tazeem Mukhtar of SerpPlayer

Tazeem Mukhtar founded SerpPlayer in 2013 on a mission to provide brands and individuals with all the support they need to grow website presence and traffic.

Mukhtar is an experienced veteran of the computer software industry and has a BSCS in Computer Programming.

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