November 15, 2021
Top SEO Companies In Lahore

Keeping your online presence crispt and tight is just two of the essential requirements to maintaining a thriving online presence. Making sure that you get visitors to your site; however - that takes first place.

Pakistan is enjoying a digital revolution, and that means that the best websites belonging to the most extensive and most diverse organizations are competing for online dominance alongside small to medium-sized businesses, so that means that if you want to compete in that environment, and you do, you’ll need a top partner to help get your website the hits it needs to claim it’s stake in the online environment.

So when you’re ready to find the right match, we’ve found the top ten best SEO companies in Lahore, and all of our placements are based on client reviews and online referrals as well as references. This means you’ll get the best advice coupled with real-world ratings.

Here we go.


AAM Consultants enjoys a worldwide presence and is highly rated amongst clients and fellow agencies alike.

They have attained multiple 5-star ratings across various ratings and referral sites and boast a diverse client list from a wide range of industries and sectors. As a “trusted global brand” in SEO services, they also offer website development, graphic design, and writing projects.

Their mission and service guarantee promises to communicate with clients in a “professional and responsive way because we believe great communication is necessary to provide flawless services.”


Apart from having one of the coolest names for a tech company in all Pakistan, “Rankistan” is also a full-service, data-driven SEO Agency. Their core focus is on “search engine optimization (SEO),” and they provide comprehensive management of e-commerce, SAAS, as well as digitization of platforms and ongoing maintenance of your online media and presences too. They’re also an agency that prides itself on being a “global agency with local intelligence.” They enjoy multiple 5-star ratings across various referral sites and are highly recommended in Lahore with a wide diversity of clients.


Technerds, like quite a few of the agencies based in Lahore, also have a presence in the United States. This means they can offer global services in local time zones and, supported by their European office based in Switzerland, have a genuinely global reach.

They offer specialization in SEO, online marketing, pay-per-click, social media management, custom software development, and more. They’ve been reviewed by major online reviewers and enjoy a near-perfect rating across multiple considerations and multiple sites.

enests banner.png


Providing SEO, SMM, PPC, Conversion Rate Optimization, CRM, Copywriting, Content Marketing, and comprehensive management services of your online media platforms. They offer a stand-alone “audit” service designed to audit your current websites and online platforms and then run their stats against the Google ranking index. Identifying lapses and shortfalls and then developing solutions explicitly based on your exacting profiles.

We’ve cross-referenced four different review sites, and they enjoyed 5-star ratings on all of those sites and received very positive customer feedback.


Another agency with a solid presence in Pakistan and the United States, iWebDNA, offers a turnkey service in online digital management with top importance placed on SEO. They also offer personalized PPC and eCommerce solutions and prepare your website for top Google rankings and listings.

They have an average 5-star rating across various reviews, and customer feedback online is highly motivated.


Of all the agencies we have listed here and reviewed further, that didn’t make the top ten “cut,” this is the only agency with dedicated offices in the United Kingdom and Pakistan. It’s not to say that an exclusively Lahore based agency cannot do what these agencies with multiple sites worldwide can do. Still, if you have a company supplying services or goods with an intended reach outside of just Pakistan, it’s helpful to have contacts on your side with access to global trends, markets, Lahore-based, and innovations.

DigiDesire is currently running a promotion that promises to help you restore your online sales platforms that the Covid pandemic may have decimated.

They have near-perfect ratings across various rating sites, and their most loyal clients tend to be pretty long-standing and consistent.


ADS offers the standard bouquet of services that include SEO, website development, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and STEM and PPC, amongst others. Taken from one of their reviews, they write:

“We are a complete agency. We always look to the future. We recognize that businesses and brands need to be in a constant state of evolution to grow in an increasingly connected world. So when you come to us, we will present you with possibilities. We show you what your business can become and help your business get there.”

Multiple 5-star ratings and positive customer reviews got them a spot on our top ten.


This agency is unique in that while offering a presence outside of Pakistan, it’s not in Europe or the United States (although they can provide service in those regions), but rather in Malaysia’s Asian hub.

This means that they have access to Asian marketplaces and trends and innovations that make local sense for customers throughout the region. They have clients in retail, online services, digital marketing, media, finance, and more, meaning they’re capable of responding to a diversity of demands and skills.

They have various 5-star ratings, and along with a premium SEO service, they provide a complete digitization experience.


This is an exciting agency to watch because many agencies can offer comprehensive services, but many of them have to rely on 3rd party providers to fulfill their remit - nothing wrong with that. Still, this agency provides a complete and “truly comprehensive” services experience with tailored and bespoke online marketing solutions covering many skillsets and outcomes.

Also highly rated and well-reviewed on multiple sites, with positive customer feedback.


This is a boutique agency based in Lahore - but they pack quite a punch for it. They hold a diversity of clients that is quite impressive. Their team is highly trained and specializes in their fields and, along with everyone else on this top ten list, provides focused and dedicated SEO and online digitization service.

They received a 5-star rating on the “Clutch,” and general feedback from clients across various media is mainly positive. They’re competitive and fierce, and they mean to provide a truly professional experience.

While all of the agencies on this top ten list have been cross-referenced against various online resources, it’s important to remember that you need to find the right agency for you, and we hope we’ve aided you in that pursuit.

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