November 19, 2021
How To Start Own News Website / Channel?

The idea of creating a news site, an editorial site or a local, national or international news site attracts thousands of Internet users every day. However, some of them do not have the necessary technical skills. To do this, we present this roadmap to you which will allow you to follow the key steps in the right order to create your news site easily and successfully.

Step 1: Define the objectives of your website

A successful website is a site that meets the goals you set. Before embarking on the listing and detailed tree structure of your pages, focus on three essential elements: the objective of your site, your targets, the results you want to obtain. This reflection will allow you to select and prioritize your messages, your content, your tone and your KPIs (Key Performance Indicator).

Step 2: Define the architecture of your site

Following the first step, you have a clearer idea of your needs and expectations in your media site project. Now is the time to define your content: texts, photos, videos. Your news channel should be fun, functional, and unique. As for the design, it must be very simple and not include any overload so that the Internet user can get to the essentials as easily as possible.

The articles, an editorial site or national or international information, have a very precise formatting, Therefore, we have:

● A TITLE: catchy and which summarizes in an objective way the content of the article

● A HAT (or CHAPÔ): short text at the top of the article, which summarizes the main part of the information and which should grab the reader's attention.

● A BODY OF TEXT: a first paragraph that responds to 5W: Who? What? Or? When? Why? A second paragraph which deals with the subjects how much and how, if necessary and additional information, the elements of which are not essential to the understanding of the main message

● A conclusion: a short one that ends the article by expanding it or by opening up on another subject.

To be sure you're writing content that is of readership value, it's important to go beyond catchy headlines and tap credible sources to find interesting facts.

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Step 3: Choose your host and reserve a domain name

Web hosting is an infrastructure allowing you to display your news site on the internet. TANIT WEB offers several media site hosting offers depending on the expected traffic on your site. The domain name is the equivalent of your postal address on the internet, it is unique and it corresponds to your image on the web. There are different forms of extensions:

● Generic: a set of the most popular extensions in the world and which will reassure your visitors. Example: .com, .org

● Local: in order to target Internet users in a specific geographical area. Example: .tn .fr, .be, .uk .ch, etc

● Personalized: providing more information on the site's activity. Example: .info .blog, etc.

Step 4: create your site in one click

Don't have the technical skills? Using famous and recognized tools like WordPress etc. you can easily design a dynamic and responsive website through an easy-to-use interface without having to know programming languages.

Step 5: Publish your first articles

Once your site has been created and your module installed, all you have to do is create your first articles to enrich your site.

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