What To Buy Before Starting Medical School
November 16, 2021
What To Buy Before Starting Medical School?

If you have recently got into med school, congratulations! This is the start of one of the most exciting journeys you will ever take in your life and will lead you to bigger and better things and to a fantastic career in the medical profession.

Once you have got into medical school and the hype has worn down it can leave you wondering just what you need to bring and where it leaves you. Figuring out just what you need to pack can feel like a minefield as you don't want to forget anything important. Not to worry - here are some things that definitely need to be on your list to take to medical school.

A laptop you can rely on

When you are going to medical school you are going to need a good laptop. This will be where you write down your notes, do important research and submit your course work. It is important that you either have an external hard drive that you can back things up to or that you save your work onto the cloud. The last thing you want is for your device to malfunction and you to lose everything you have worked on!

Smart outfits to wear

There are occasions at medical school where you might need to attend placements or general practice. This will require some smart outfits that convey your professionalism and dedication to your career. It’s a good idea to look for staple pieces that you can mix and match, in neutral colors. This way you don’t need to purchase too many different things!

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Scrubs and other medical attire

Certain placements will require you to wear scrubs so make sure to purchase these ahead of time. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on scrubs as they will get pretty dirty soon anyway and get a lot of use out of them! You might also need things such as a stethoscope. This can be provided but it is also nice to have your own one. These can be found online very easily and come in a range of colors!

A portable phone charger

Medical school will mean you long days spent studying and out of the house. One of the most vital things to ensure you are prepared is to have a portable phone charger. This will ensure that you can get to and from the campus or library safely. It will also enable you to take notes should your laptop die!

A good diary/notebook

Organization at school is key so be sure to have a good diary or notebook to takes notes in. You could write up when you need to hand in essays and assignments if you have to go to placement on certain days or any other things you need to remember. If you aren’t one for manual writing, there are many digital calendar applications too!

These are just a few things that you should make sure you buy before starting medical school.

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