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How To Get Rid Of Weevils In My Bedroom
November 23, 2021
How To Get Rid Of Weevils In My Bedroom?

From time to time, we all get little visitors in our homes and our bedrooms that are not welcome. One type of bug that is an unwelcome sight is the weevil. But what is a weevil? And why are they inside our homes? Here is our handy guide about these little creatures. AAMAX – Website  Development – Digital Marketing.jpg

What are weevils?

Weevils are small beetles that you may have spotted around your home but they tend to appear in your food such as flour. They might even make it up to your bedroom if you have been eating food there. These small beetles are harmless and will not cause any damage to your home. Unlike many other insects that can appear in the house, these little guys are not interested in eating the furniture. In fact, if they do appear inside, this can be considered a good thing as they only appear in homes that are free from pesticides.

These creatures are not poisonous to humans and it is safe to eat them. As gross as it sounds, they are an excellent source of protein. They tend to eat crops and plants, which is why they are considered a pest. Their long snout is used for eating into crops and can cause a lot of damage. Thankfully, this desire to eat crops does not extend your clothes and furniture. There are around 97,000 different types of weevil that all have different shapes and sizes.

Why do weevils come inside?

Weevils come inside for a variety of reasons but the main reason is to find food. Because there are so many different types of weevil, they can get inside your house in a number of ways. For example, the rice weevil can come in with a bag of rice. Weevils like to live in grains, including flour. They can also climb through cracks and holes in the walls of your home. If they do come inside themselves, it is because they are searching for a warm environment to ride out the cold months of the winter. When they do get inside, they will head to a food source, ebay the food and lay their eggs.

How do I get rid of weevils?

If you want to go down the natural route of keeping them away, bay leaves and cloves in your drawers can help drive them away. Garlic can also keep them from wanting to enter your kitchen. But they tend to wander around the house and you might not realise until you find some bodies in your cupboards.

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One: Clean the drawers

To fully remove weevils and prevent a future infestation, remove all unsealed dry foods from your kitchen. This includes opened containers of rice, flour, pasta, and cereal, as well as boxed foods that are not sealed internally. Weevils often live inside cardboard boxes and can easily jump to new dry food products if they are removed.

Two: Freeze Salvageable Items

If you have any dry food that hasn’t been infested with fully-grown weevils, stick them in your freezer for at least four days. This will kill any larvae that are still living in the food. Freezing dry foods after buying them from the supermarket can also be a good preventative measure to ensure there are no active larvae hiding in your food.

Three: Deep Clean

Once all infected products have been thrown away, completely clear the shelves. This includes all canned products, appliances, and sealed foods. Once cleared, vacuum every shelf and crevice where a weevil could potentially hide. Dump all of the vacuum’s contents outside and disinfect the vacuum before bringing it back into your house. Wipe down your shelves with hot soapy water to sanitize the area and let them dry fully.

Four: Use an Insecticide

To officially clear your pantry of weevils, invest in an insecticide specifically made for these pests. While many of these insecticides are non-toxic, it’s smart to keep children and pets away from the pantry temporarily while the fumes disperse.

If you use these steps in your kitchen before moving to other parts of the house, you will reduce your chances of weevils taking over your home. If they are in your bedroom, you will need to remove any cribs by vacuuming the floors and the crevices that they will hide. This also includes in your drawers.

As you can see, weevils are a harmless pest that will live in your cupboards and eat your food. And it takes a good vacuum to get rid of them.

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