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Why Do Babies Hate Getting Their Nose Cleaned
February 3, 2022
Why Do Babies Hate Getting Their Nose Cleaned?

There are a lot of jobs that we have to do for our babies and cleaning their noses is just one of them. But why do they hate it so much? And is there a good way of doing it? AAMAX – Website  Development – Digital Marketing.jpg

Filled with mucus

When your baby has a cold, there is a good chance that their noses are filled with mucus. This snot and other nastiness can cause discomfort in your baby's nose. This is important to keep clean as babies can have trouble breathing if it is not cleared. If your baby has caught a cold, they may have a runny nose that causes them some discomfort.

But why the fight?

The simple fact is babies hate getting their noses cleaned because it interferes with their natural reaction to breathing. They do not understand that what you are trying to do is help them by removing the snot to help them breathe easier. So, when they see the tissue coming to their face, they believe they need to pull away in order to save themselves. This is why you need to be quick when you clean your baby's nose as it can scare them.

How to clear their nose

There are many different ways to clean and clear a baby's nose, and which method you use comes down to personal preference. For small babies, using a nasal bulb or an aspirator is a great way to remove the blocked nose. If their nose is very runny, these are easy to use.

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However, if the snot in their nose is dried too thick, you may need to use some saline solution to help loosen anything that is stuck up there. It only takes a few drops to help get things moving. The gentle sucking motion can pull the blockage out and allow your baby to breathe more easily.

How to wipe their nose

If they have a dirty nose, you might use something a bit stronger than a tissue. A wet wipe or some cotton wool with water is a great way to remove the dried snot and crust around their nose. If you can see some loose snot sitting in the nasal cavity, you can use a cotton bud to gently scoop it out. Do not insert the cotton bud up their nose and do not use it if you think that you might push the snot further in. If you can, let them sit upright to allow the mucus to flow down and out of their nose. If they lie down, the mucus can run down the back of their throats and cause them to cough or choke.

Babies will always hate getting their noses cleaned but it is your job as a parent to ensure that they can breathe properly. The best thing to do is be quick and make sure that you cause the minimum amount of discomfort. Over time, they will learn that you won’t hurt them, and blowing their nose is fun.

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