Which Sport May Be One Of The Oldest Human Skills
January 28, 2022
Which Sport May Be One Of The Oldest Human Skills?

One of the oldest human skills may be swimming! The evidence for this is in the fossil records. Swimming was once a necessity to ensure survival, but now it's more recreational. So if you are considering doing some swimming this summer, why not take up an Olympic sport as well?

Here are some sports that require similar arm movements and leg strokes that will help you improve your form:

● Running.

● Wrestling.

● Long-jump.

● Javelin throw.

● Boxing.

● Gymnastics.

Hurling is also one of the oldest human skills--take a look at how closely related it looks to throwing.


Evidence of swimming in the past is in rock paintings, ancient artifacts, and fossils of early humans. Human swimming probably evolved from the diving reflex present in other mammals like seals or otters. Today almost every child learns how to swim at some point during childhood.

Swimming is one of the oldest human skills because it provides you with the ability to travel over long distances, whether through oceans or across continents. You can also use it for transportation purposes by using your arms and legs as propellers.

Swimming has been a part of the Olympics since its beginning in 1896, where only men competed with no women allowed until 1912 at the Stockholm Olympic games!


Running is another proven oldest human skill. Running is another sport that many people think maybe one of the oldest human skills. There are records about this skill dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, where it was a part of some Olympic events. The speed and endurance needed for running have always been considered an essential asset in maintaining health in humans overall, explaining why it has evolved. It's still widely practiced today due to its versatility. Some examples include distance races, relay races, obstacle courses, or sprints.


This is because wrestlers in ancient Greece were well-known for their swimming skills. For example, the wrestler Milo of Croton was known to swim across a fast river holding a calf on his shoulders!

Another good reason why wrestling may have been among the oldest human sports is that it has probably always been practiced by humans throughout history and around the world - from neolithic times right up until now. In fact, almost every culture worldwide seems to have some form of wrestling tradition/sport which they practice today.


This is another activity proven to be one of the oldest human skills. People have been jumping for many centuries, and it is still a sport that many people love to participate in.

Javelin Throw

Javelin throwing refers to the ancient sport of throwing a javelin as far as possible. Javelin throw was one of the earliest skills developed by early humans, and it is now an official sport in the modern Olympics.

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The javelin is thrown with both arms to improve range, speed, and accuracy. At first sight, this may appear easy; however, underlying factors such as weight transfer play a significant role in throwing further than your competitors.


Boxing has been an event at the Summer Olympic Games since its inception in 1896, except for 1912 and 1924. Boxing features a bracket-style elimination tournament. First, two bronze medals are awarded; quarter-final losers fight to determine who receives the fifth place (bronze medal) and who gets sixth (last).


Gymnastics has been an Olympic event since 1896 in Athens, making it one of the youngest sports to compete. It involves movements such as running, jumping, and balancing, along with strength and flexibility.


Hurling involves two teams made up of fifteen players. The hurlings are curved sticks about one meter long with a small ball at its end. The objective is to strike the sliotar (the little round ball) between the opponent's goalposts. This isn't an easy task because some rules must be carefully followed.

For example, if you're playing defense, you cannot hit another player while he has possession of his stick or helmet, or else it will result in penalties. Also, you can only use your hands when trying to catch, lift, block or bat away the sliotar, but once it leaves your hand(s), you cannot touch it until someone else does.


In conclusion, the above sports may be the oldest human skills because their origins have been passed on from generation to generation. In this way, these games are a part of history, and they allow you to see what life was like thousands of years ago.

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