Why are concrete barriers called jersey barriers
November 11, 2022
Why Are Concrete Barriers Called Jersey Barriers?

Concrete barriers are often called the Jersey Barriers because they were first used in New Jersey, one of the most famous states in the United States. In the 1950s, it was the place where people/engineers started using these blocks as barriers to protect workers while working on the road or separating between lanes of a highway.

From these days to now, they are known as Concrete Jersey Barriers. In fact, the natives were also called the New Jersey Walls. If we talk about the official developers or manufacturers of this block, they were the Stevens Institute of Technology engineers. The barriers have lots of applications making them highly popular among construction engineers.

And yes, they are also famous because of their wide applications and potential to be a good replacement for metal or steel barriers. Constructors are adopting them widely because of their availability at reasonable costs. Yes, you’ve heard the right.

Aren’t all these features enough to make them a prioritized choice of construction firms?

They are found to be the most selling in the UK and are offered by various companies. But you should not go with any unknown company because it might be risky to purchase from here. You can’t trust the quality of materials of any provider without proper inspection.

But it’s a lengthy procedure to inspect completely about a particular company. To help you avoid these procedures, we already have done with this. And yes, we also found an ideal source from all aspects.

Meet what we’ve found for you below.

PPC Concrete Products – Get Concrete Jersey Barriers

Yes, it’s the source we’re talking about offering concrete barriers of different sizes and thicknesses. In fact, the material used in manufacturing these barriers at PPC Concrete Products is quality wise excellent & durable. They highly care for proper checking before introducing any barrier to the market. There are many more reasons why people appreciate and prioritize them. Pay thorough attention and check them out to see how they are an ideal choice.

Different Sizes Availability

At PPC Concrete Products, you can see upon exploring and analyzing the whole website that different sizes are available in Jersey barriers. As per your requirements, you can get any size. Even if you are confused about it or want to get some advice or suggestions, discuss it with them.

Verified By Legit Companies

Legit companies verify them, and you can see how they provide great testimonials. It shows their legitimacy and authorization – visit their website and check.

Flexible Pricing

The most appreciating feature of PPC Concrete Products is that blocks are available at reliably affordable costs without disturbing your budget. Most companies prefer them because of the reliable rates and excellent customer support they provide.

They have developed a team of experienced representatives who are always there to serve you with proper guidance and the right response. You can contact at any spot, ask queries or discuss confusions to get immediate answers.

Aren’t these features enough to make them your prioritized choice?

The Bottom Line

We shared why concrete barriers are often called jersey barriers in the above article. Plus, we also mentioned a legit source you can go with and purchase these barriers if you require.

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