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How Does a Ghost Immobiliser Work?
September 16, 2022
How Does a Ghost Immobiliser Work?

The ghost Immobiliser is one of the best products by Autowatch, a South African organization at the forefront of car security systems and technology. It offers your vehicle protection from hacking, key cloning, and even theft. One way a thief may take a ghost Immobiliser protected car is by physically towing it because they will never be able to drive it. Here is how a ghost immobiliser works!

How Does Ghost Immobiliser Work?

A ghost Immobiliser adds a discrete, extra security measure for car wonders on top of the conventional coded key fob. Engines would only start if a unique, additional code sequence or pin number is entered so even if a thief has stolen your keys, he won’t be able to drive your car away.

The pin code can be entered by pressing a pattern of electronic buttons on the steering wheel of your car, on the central console or door panel. The device is generally invisible and is only known to the owner of the car and other nominated drivers. It takes just seconds to use, however, it is extremely effective in foiling thieves.

How Does a Ghost Immobiliser Stop the Thieves?

During the recent few years, thieves have been able to overpower the car security systems by hacking the OBD port. The ghost Immobiliser installation is undetectable using diagnostics, and no radio signals exist. The ghost Immobiliser communicates with the Engine Control Unit of the vehicle on the CAN Data Circuit; it is completely silent and doesn’t provide its location. A thief won’t be able to add new key fobs or replace the ECU to steal your car as the corrected data can only be entered to start your vehicle.

Ghost Immobiliser System Installation

The ghost Immobiliser system installation is a simple and quick process. The system can be fitted and installed at the office or home on your driveway. Requiring on average around a couple of hours to completely install, the installer can give customers a full run-down of how to use the system perfectly.

Flexible Use of Ghost Immobiliser

When in the service mode, your vehicle will start without the need of the PIN code. It is useful while taking it to a garage, or while using the service of valet parking. It is quite easy to alter the PIN code, and hence you can do so for increased security. You may also download the ghost Immobiliser app for your Android phone or iPhone and use it toi disarm the vehicle using its Bluetooth connection. Since it is a relatively newer technology, it is recommended you speak to your insurance provider and check if the insurance will be cheaper.

What If You Forget the Ghost Immobiliser Pin?

You may forget your ghost Immobiliser Pin code after a period of time. To make it stress-free and easy, you can use a protected and unique emergency code in case you ever forget our Pin code. If your vehicle is being serviced, there is a designated code so that security is not impacted.

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