October 21, 2021
How To Start A Travel Agency In Dubai?

If you are interested in starting a travel agency, Dubai is the place to be. Then, you can start your own business and work for yourself. Many different outsourcing companies offer various services like web design, marketing, accounting, and more. These companies will help get your new company off the ground by providing low-cost or free packages that include everything you need to get started with your new venture.

Establish Your Business Niche

The first thing you need to do is establish your travel business niche. You need to be clear about what you want your business to stand for. It is best to narrow down the focus of your travel agency and differentiate it from others in a way that will appeal to clients. Besides having a unique selling point, this niche should also have potential market demand and growth potential. Having your business niche will help you stand out from the competition and improve your chances of selling to potential clients.

Apply for Your Employees’ Visas

Your employees need to get a visa for them to work in Dubai. You can apply for their visas at the UAE embassy in your country. It is best to give them a heads up about this before you leave so they know what’s happening and when they need to apply. The visas will be dependent on the employment contract you have.

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For your employees to get a visa, they will need a Certificate of Good Conduct from their local police department and proof that they are not sick or carrying any diseases. They also might need other documents depending on what type of work they do and where you plan to open your business in Dubai. The UAE embassy has different requirements for each country, so you will need to research what documents they require and how much it would cost.

Have Insurance Policy

A travel agency is not only for buying and selling air tickets but also for many responsibilities. The most important responsibility of the travel agency is to provide an insurance policy for its customers who are traveling by planes or ships. To ensure that all customer’s requirements will be satisfied within budget, a good understanding of the insurance policy would help. With an insurance policy, one can be relieved of all the anxiety about life and property.

Apply for a Corporate Bank Account

To start a travel agency in Dubai, you will need to apply for a corporate bank account. A corporate account will allow you to receive service charges, commissions, and other payments. However, you will need to complete the corporate registration process before applying for a bank account. You can apply for a corporate account known as a business bank at any Emirates Islamic Branches.

Register and Apply for a Tourism License

To start your travel agency, you will need to register it with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) in Dubai. You can do this by sending an application, and all required documents through email or post office to DTCM's headquarter located in Abu Dhabi.


A travel agency is an excellent business opportunity for anyone who wants to own a part of this ever-growing industry. Dubai is a great place to start this business, especially if you are looking for more of an international flavor. It offers opportunities in terms of travel destinations, accommodations, and services. If you want to make money while traveling, a travel agency is a good business model for you.

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