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October 16, 2021
How Long Does It Take To Get Something Dry Cleaned?

If you are dropping your clothing off at a dry cleaner, you want to know how long it will take until it is ready to pick up again. This type of specialist cleaning service can differ from store to store, and how long dry cleaning takes can be affected by many different factors.

Dry cleaning uses liquids other than water to clean clothing items that aren't suitable for typical cleaning methods. Dry cleaning is a cleaning service many people use to keep their garments in good condition, so they last longer and are adequately cleaned. Dry cleaners will use a range of different solutions to wash your clothes, and upon inspection, they can tell you how long it will take to dry clean your items.

Why Get Items Dry Cleaned?

Some fabrics and their composition can be fundamentally altered by the normal wet washing process or cannot be appropriately cleaned in this manner. Dry cleaning is a protective and efficient cleaning service that protects your materials and allows you to use them for longer. But how long this process takes can vary.

How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take?

When you take your items to a dry cleaning service, firstly they will inspect them to ascertain their condition and make the right choice for how to clean it depending on the material and the level of cleaning it needs. Some stains can take longer to remove and require more time and effort to remove. Other items can be cleaned relatively easily.

Other factors that can affect how long the dry cleaning process takes include the working hours, current volume of orders and whether or not they clean the items on-site. Some cleaners have the clothing taken to another site to be cleaned and returned to a store or pick up point ready for collection. If this is the case, you can expect longer wait times. enests banner.png

The services you require and the level of attention different fabrics need can also dictate how long dry cleaning services take. Typically, most times can be dry cleaned within a few days. Your service provider will let you know when you arrive how long you can realistically expect to wait, but the following guide can give you a better idea of what to expect when leaving items for dry cleaning;

● Bedding/linen: 3-4 days

● Wedding Dresses: 1-2 weeks

● Business Attire: Same day or within 48 hours

● Prom Dresses: 4-7 days

● Suede: 1-2 weeks

● Whites: 2-3 days

● Coats/Jackets: 2-3 days

The actual cleaning process itself takes a few hours. However, the process involved in dry cleaning involves;

● Pretreating

● Dry cleaning

● Post spotting stage

● Drying

● Finishing

This process allows the cleaner to make sure they have identified any problem areas, treat them, so they are easier to clean and then complete the dry cleaning process. The items then need time to dry out before being packaged ready to collect ultimately. The finishing stage involves pressing, steaming and ironing them before folding and packaging them up, ready to be collected by you.

Once you fully understand the dry cleaning service process, you can appreciate the different timescales involved. Your dry cleaning professional can discuss turnaround times with you upon booking your clothing for dry cleaning.

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