How Long Does a High School Volleyball Game Last
October 14, 2021
How Long Does a High School Volleyball Game Last?

Volleyball is an intense game that requires high levels of fitness and endurance; because of this, you tend to find different styles of playing the game more than adjustments to the game time itself. Lower levels have fewer sets that last longer, for instance. Thi article outlines how long a high school volleyball game lasts.

How Long is a Volleyball Game

Volleyball is a game that’s played in sets. There are normally three sets in a match, and a match lasts between sixty and ninety minutes. The level of professionalism determines the number of sets and minutes in a match. Pro-games can have up to five sets to win.

There is no time limit for the sets; each one is played until the team has a two-point advantage, then the set can end, and a new one can begin. There is usually an interval of three minutes between sets to allow the teams to change sides and rest. An interval can be up to ten minutes.

How Many Minutes in a Volleyball game

The average volleyball game lasts between 60 minutes and 90 minutes. This is the case at both amateur and professional levels. There are typically three sets that last around 25 minutes each with three-minute intervals, which can rise to ten minutes with intense play.

Volleyball is an intensive game that requires a lot of stamina; for this reason, the timing of the sets and intervals is flexible to allow teams to match each other in the rally and to get enough required rest. There are also time-outs and potential breaks within the allotted time.

How Long is High School Volleyball

Although volleyball in high school might seem to have the same 60-90 minute time frame, some differences take into account ages and skill levels. For instance, in junior high school, teams play fewer sets; however, these sets and rallies might last a while longer. enests banner.png When students reach high school level, it represents an upwards transition in skill levels; as a result, sets increase to 5 with teams aiming to secure a victory after three sets. Furthermore, these additional games can influence the length of a high school game; it makes it more towards the 90 minutes.

How Many Minutes in High School Volleyball?

It wouldn’t be uncommon to have a volleyball match played over sixty minutes in junior high school. These matches will have three sets which last around twenty minutes each. The first team to win two sets will be declared the winner, which can occur before the 60-minute mark.

In high school volleyball games, the time increase to between 60-90 minutes, the sets also increase to five sets of around eighteen minutes each. As with other forms of volleyball, the games can be won or lost outside of the allotted times, which can affect the game time.


High school volleyball games mark a step up from junior level, but they still aren’t played at the same intensity as higher-level teams. That said, high school volleyball uses the same format as the professional game, so game times will be up to ninety minutes with up to five sets to play.

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