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October 13, 2021
How Much To Charge for Writing Web Content?

How much should you charge for writing web content? There are so many factors that go into pricing, but there are some general recommendations to consider. This article will explore the different ways to price your work and determine what is right for your business.

First, Know That There Is No Market Rate for Written Content

You should be aware that there is no market rate for writing content, but instead, it varies based on your experience, the topic you are writing about, and how competitive the niche is. Many Factors Can Influence Your Charging Rates

For example, a writing job that takes you three days to complete might seem less valuable than one that only takes an hour. However, the more time-consuming project may provide a bigger pay-off in terms of income and SEO benefits.

Another factor is whether your client wants their content on a per word or hourly basis. You will benefit from having a per word rate if you can work quickly and produce high-quality content.

However, if your speed varies, it might be better to charge by the hour because this will prevent your client from subsidizing slow days with fast ones.

When deciding how much to bill clients for writing web content, consider whether they require research assistance or ghostwriting services. If so, it is best to set your rates based on these additional elements rather than the cost of writing web content alone. enests banner.png

Charge per Word

The amount you charge for writing web content will depend on your industry, the size of the project, and what kind of experience you have. Generally, most people who offer freelance copywriting services charge between $0.15 to $0.20 per word. Of course, an experienced writer with a good track record might command higher rates than that, but it will depend on the kind of writing they are offering.

Charge per Hour

As with any profession, web content writers get paid for their time. The amount you charge per hour will depend on your experience, the location of where you work, and how much competition there is in your area.

However, don't rush off to accept an hourly rate because someone has told you it's what everyone else gets. Hourly rates vary so widely that you'll need to consider all the factors that affect pricing before coming up with a figure.

Charge per Project

you can charge per project. Whether you charge a flat rate or by the word, make sure you figure out how much time it will take to write your web content and price accordingly. How Should You Charge?

Many factors will affect how much you should charge, but it is generally best to start with what your competition charges. If there isn't any other company providing this service, price yourself accordingly.

It is important to remember that different companies and websites may require summary writing, brief articles, or full-length content with keywords optimized for certain key phrases. It is also essential to consider the time it takes you to complete your work before setting pricing rates because if you are too low, you will lose money for your time.

How Much Do Landing Pages Cost?

The price of a landing page is typically dependent on what you want to achieve with it. If your goal is simply lead generation, the cost will be less than improving SEO rankings or even conversions from social media traffic. However, it depends on how much work is necessary to create a compelling and engaging web page for users. Average landing pages cost around $2000.

How Much Do SEO Blog Posts Cost?

SEO content writing is a special type of web content that goes at $50/hour. There are many factors to consider when setting rates for writing SEO content.

How Much Does Technical SEO Cost

If you want technical seo services, it can cost between $400 to $700 per page. For most businesses, this is an investment that will definitely pay off in the long run. Also, remember that with this price comes quality work and great service from professional writers who know what they're doing when it comes to web content.


Web content writing is a great way to earn money, and it's not as complicated as you might think. Simply write an engaging piece that people will want to read, charge for your services and then deliver the work on time. As long as you follow this process, success should be inevitable.

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