About - USA2Me

USA2Me is a family-owned and operated company founded in late 2004 in Houston, Texas. USA2Me has forwarded and shipped hundreds of thousands of shipments, helping people worldwide receive millions of USA items safely and reliably. \nAt USA2Me, we care about our customer's satisfaction. We provide your physical shipping address in the USA to receive your mail and packages. Just log in to your Mailbox Manager to see your mailbox inventory, forward shipments to you, scan urgent letters, or even discard junk mail.\n• Remailing Services\n• Virtual Office\n• Personal Shopper Service\n• Parcel Forwarding Service\n• International Mail Forwarding\n• Order Fulfillment\n• Mail Forwarding\n• US Mail Forwarding Address\nUSA2Me also provides enhanced services such as repacking, fax reception, personal shopper assistance, etc.

Services Focus

  • Order Fulfillment
  • Remailing Services

Key Client's

  • US Mail Forwarding
  • US Mail Forwarding Address

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