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Kwiketo is a ketogenic subscription-based monthly box where customers pay less by a recurring fee to discover keto products and snacks. Kwiketo allows Keto dieters and low-sugar consumers to explore the world of healthy foods to understand which product is suited to them by choosing the type of products and subscription duration based on their needs and personal experience. Our first product line is a customised monthly box that consists of 6-20 products. We also have a collection of one-off boxes that get updated every three months.\n\nAt Kwiketo, we are on a mission to make keto a lot easier, funnier, and affordable for everyone. We curate the best keto snacks from all around the world, put them in a box, and send them to you with no shipping cost. Let us do the searching and bring you a surprising experience while you're keeping up with your goals. You can discover up to 20 keto products globally and pay less for more fun with our monthly snack boxes.\n\nOur vision is to deliver a novel and fresh experience with our monthly snack subscription boxes. We want to enable our subscribers to save time and money while discovering various innovative ketogenic products that could turn their keto diet and low-carb lifestyle into an exciting experience.

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