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First of all, we solve a massive problem for authors. They barely make money. The maximum they will get is about 50%. With DEBOOK, authors earn 90% of the primary sales of their books. They also get to know their audience since the Blockchain is public, and they will have their own private community with their readers. Before DEBOOK, authors had no idea who their readers were since the database is owned by the book publishers. There is no need for them to do unlimited books since they will also get a % of the secondary sales. Limited books are more powerful because the communities are more curated, and authors will make more money selling fewer books.\n\nFor readers, digital books don't add any extra value, so people still prefer physical books. Now your book is just the beginning; since it is a digital collectible (NFT), you can access a gated community of each book you buy. You get to meet like-minded people, interact with the book and share your thoughts, meet the author, add your feedback, sell it whenever you like, and even rent it.

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