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Welcome to Al Burraq - A Treasury of Dry Fruits in Pakistan

Nestled in the bustling heart of Pakistan, Al Burraq is not just a store; it's an experience where the age-old traditions of the Silk Road mingle with the modern zest for healthy living.

Our store is a sanctuary for dry fruit aficionados; a place where you can find a diversely rich array of dry fruits sourced from the finest orchards both locally and internationally. From the sweet, chewy figs and lusciously plump apricots to the crisp, nutty almonds and hearty walnuts, each visit to Al Burraq is a voyage in the opulent world of nutritious indulgence.

What Makes Al Burraq Special?

A Vast Selection: Our shelves are adorned with the best selection of dry fruits, including exotic varieties and hard-to-find specialties.

Quality at its Best: We pride ourselves on offering dry fruits that are not only fresh but also preserve their natural flavors and nutritional value.

Fostering Health: Packed with essential nutrients, our products are a step forward towards a wholesome lifestyle.

Rooted in Tradition: At Al Burraq, we honor the profound cultural significance of dry fruits in Pakistan's culinary heritage.

Our Products

Our inventory offers a premium range of products that cater to every preference:









Mixed Nuts

And many more

Each product at Al Burraq comes with the promise of authenticity, packing powerful bursts of energy, and providing the perfect healthy snack or gourmet gift.

Whether you're looking to enrich your daily diet, seeking splendid gifts, or sourcing ingredients for culinary creation, Al Burraq is your quintessential destination. Step into our store to be greeted by the warm, nutty scents and a kaleidoscope of textures and tastes that beckon you to explore and enjoy.

Celebrate nature's bounty with Al Burraq, where every nut and dried fruit tells a story of flavor, health, and tradition. Visit us and unfold the rich tapestry of tastes that we have to offer!

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