July 14, 2021
Why Content is Important in Digital Marketing

Content marketing is an excellent way of building brand loyalty for businesses of any scale. Simply put, content marketing is about a business generating useful content that their consumers value. Marketing can be about sharing information on a particular product or service, but it is also just as valuable if the content is informative or educational.

Rather than spending your marketing budget on the annoying pop-up ads that a user quickly clicks to get rid of, your budget is spent instead on the articles the user wants to see. This marketing strategy places significant importance on the content you create. It has to be high quality, informative, and more than just a sales pitch. You are trying to drive eyes to your products by offering valued content that the user wants to see.

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What Are The Benefits Of Content Marketing?

Content marketing has numerous benefits for a business conducting any digital marketing campaign. Here are a few of the many benefits content marketing can have:

Find Your Audience - The more relevant content you generate, the more likely your customers will find you through their online searches. For example, if you sell skateboards, then someone googling “How to clean my skateboard” clearly will be interested in your product. If you have a blog on this subject, they will see your website and your brand through this content.

Engage and Maintain Your Audience - A consumer who notices a brand only once will not be as likely to spend as someone who regularly engages with the brand. If you can build up a following through an interesting subscribers newsletter, for example, you can maintain interest and possibly repeat custom.

Increase Your Customer’s Spending - You can use your content to interest your customers in other products. For instance, if you are a shop that sells kitchen supplies, then a well-produced magazine that features recipes that utilizes kitchen utensils or ingredients you sell may entice customers to spend more.

Credibility - Well researched and educational content shows your commitment and passion for your subject area and your business expertise. If you regularly demonstrate how to make the best use of garden equipment, a customer will trust you when you recommend a particular brand or advertise that your stock is of high quality.

Loyalty and Trust - Sitting parallel to credibility is loyalty. IF you are a credible source of reliable information, customers will learn to trust your knowledge. If they trust you, they will likely return to your brand time and again for your products and services. Trust drives the repeated custom of any sustainable business.

Word Of Mouth - Again, once trust is developed, your customers are more likely to recommend you to colleagues, friends, and family driving up your customer base and revenue potential.

What Is Useful Digital Content?

Useful content is anything that would be relevant to your consumers or audience. It can come in many mediums and depends on the type of company you are and the products or services you sell. For instance, if you are a local plumbing supplies company or DIY store, then video content on Youtube which demonstrates how to use tools safely or bleed a radiator could be helpful for your consumers. enests banner.png

While these videos may reference things you sell, such as tools in your store, their actual content is about the correct use of those tools. However, if the information is high quality, you will become trusted within the eyes of the consumer, and they will be more aware of your brand in the future.

If you are a trendy fashion designer, then videos on plumbing supplies will not necessarily be of interest to your target audience and will not boost your brand awareness. Blogs on the latest fashion trends could drive traffic to your website, and clickthrough links within the article may turn content consumers into product purchasers.

However, the content could also be more creative than this. A monthly playlist of new music does not tie directly into clothing, but it demonstrates to your consumers that you are contemporary and a great arbiter of taste. Therefore, this content can drive up trust and may generate repeated views on your site as consumers come back each month for the new playlist. Content should always be

● Targeted towards your consumer’s interests.

● Demonstrate your company’s values and ethics

● Well researched and informative.

If you can generate content that creatively hits these three points, you can increase traffic towards your website, and ultimately your marketing spend can directly impact your profitability.

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