December 2, 2021
What Are The Twin Problems Of The Healthcare Industry?

It’s easy to see that there are far more than two problems that affect the healthcare industry. In fact, there are many problems that affect the healthcare industry, but there are two overriding issues that must be considered if you are looking at ways the healthcare industry is being affected right now. Those twin problems that affect pretty much every healthcare company include cost and access.

The costs of healthcare are astronomical for some people, and the costs don't just mean the costs of procedures, but the costs of medicines and the cost of getting that healthcare from the right healthcare company in the first place. The cost of healthcare is very high no matter where you are in the country, and unless you’re in a category for wealth, you’re going to find the costs of healthcare difficult. The combination of the high costs of treatment plus the high costs of extra services in the communities push the cost of healthcare right up. Medicine is supposed to be for all, but it’s going to be more difficult for those in a deprived area to pay for the medicine and healthcare that they need most.

The other issue is the access to healthcare itself. There are many people out there who have limited access to healthcare, or no access at all. There has been a lot of work to correct this, but it’s as yet, not enough. The higher prices give those with wealth better access than those without it, and the laws surrounding healthcare mean that without insurance, huge medical bills are the result. This prevents those on low incomes having access to any care, let alone the best healthcare available. Single-parent families, those with low incomes, those with disabilities and those from minorities often are left unable to access healthcare, and the healthcare that they can access is often of too high a cost.

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Those from poverty backgrounds also cannot often afford insurance, which means that they cannot access healthcare in the first place. The healthcare market in the US is about making money more than other things, and there are insurance companies profiting off the illnesses that people are coping with. Finding ethical healthcare companies is not easy. Healthcare is a basic right and yet it’s something that has been profited from for years. For around 16% of the population, there is a severe lack of insurance. That’s 46 million people without the right healthcare and the problems relating to rising healthcare costs make insurance unaffordable for many.

It’s unfair that people are denied access to healthcare, and it’s because of red tape and bureaucracy that people don't get the help that they need. Businesses need to insure their workers, but often the costs of insurance put this to bed from the beginning. It’s not easy to access healthcare and there is a gap in income that stops people from accessing the health they need, while there are more modern options being developed over and over - that many cannot afford.

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