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October 2, 2021
Top 10 Furniture Brands in the World 2024

Everyone needs furniture in their home. While some people might see it as purely practical, furniture is also decorative. It's a huge part of the look of any interior, so people are naturally selective about the furniture that they choose to have in their homes.
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As you can imagine, a lot of furniture is sold every year. The global furniture market is currently valued at 509.8 billion US dollars and is estimated to rise to 650.7 billion by 2027.

People use a range of criteria to choose their furniture, from what it looks like to how comfortable it is and its quality. There are some incredible furniture brands around the world that are popular for different reasons.


IKEA is one of the world's top furniture brands, known for their flat-pack furniture and contemporary Scandinavian style. In 2019, the company made about 41.3 billion euros globally. The company first began to sell furniture in 1948 and has expanded hugely over the last 70+ years.

IKEA furniture isn't exactly luxury furniture, but that's one of the reasons it's so popular. It's affordable, and people feel that it delivers good quality for its price. There are worse ways to furnish your home than to use IKEA.

Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa is a slightly more modern furniture brand, which designs and manufactures luxury furniture. Founded in 1987, it has become one of the most expensive furniture brands in the world.

It mixes both contemporary and classic furniture design, and it's a popular choice not just for furnishing homes but also for hospitality businesses, such as hotels and restaurants. It's a glamorous brand that's a good choice for anyone looking for elegance and to create a home that reflects their cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Ashley HomeStore

Ashley HomeStore is one of the top furniture retailers in North America. A relatively new company compared to some other well-known brands, it was first started in 1997 and began in Anchorage, Alaska. As well as the US, Ashley HomeStore also has stores in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, and several other countries, with thousands of locations worldwide.

It's an affordable brand offering a range of styles and many different furniture options. From contemporary to traditional, they have something that will suit people with any taste.

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware or RH originated in California and has grown into a popular brand since its inception in the late 1970s. Operating in Canada and the US, it's a luxury furniture brand that offers authentic and unique furniture design, with a focus on historical and traditional influences.

As well as classic and timeless pieces, they have more contemporary styles available. The brand uses high-quality materials and combines them with top craftsmanship to create standout products. They are one of the most popular luxury furniture brands in the world.

Boca do Lobo

Another luxury furniture brand that does well on a global scale is Boca do Lobo. This exclusive brand aims for people with serious money as their customer base, with their unique furniture often priced at tens of thousands of dollars.

The contemporary designer furniture sold by Boca do Lobo is different to anything else that you might find, especially when compared to mass-produced furniture. They use the finest craftsmanship and design to create pieces that are fun, evoke emotion, and bring something different to every room. enests banner.png


Kartell is an Italian furniture company that makes contemporary plastic furniture. First founded in 1949, the brand is known for stocking its products in a range of colors, giving customers plenty of choice. One product could be stocked in up to 20 different colorways, helping customers to find the colors that match their interiors.

Their creative furniture is sold through their own stores, as well as with independent retailers. They have a range of fun and playful items, from seating and storage to lighting, plus a range of sustainable products.


Williams-Sonoma is another American furniture brand that began in California. Williams-Sonoma is a large company that has a number of brands under its name, including Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Rejuvenation. The Williams-Sonoma brand itself is geared toward high-end products for the home.

With a global revenue of $4.4 billion, it's one of the top American furniture retailers. It's one of the largest ecommerce retailers for furniture and also has plenty of brick-and-mortar stores under its different brands in various locations too.

Roche Bobois

This French furniture brand can be found in more than 50 countries around the world in 255 showrooms. Their contemporary furniture designs come from top designers in France, Japan, and beyond. They offer exclusive, made-to-order designs that can be customized to a high level, with everything made in their small European workshops. Designs from this label range from unique and contemporary to more timeless options that are inspired by various interior design styles and furniture trends.


Like many high-end furniture companies, Henredon began as a small business that grew into a globally recognized name. Their products are known for being high-quality and reliable, as well as having a modernist style.

The company began in 1945, and many examples of second-hand furniture from throughout the years can be found for sale today, exhibiting the quality and craftsmanship of their pieces. The skilled team behind the company designs distinctive furniture that is attractive and long-lasting.


Edra combines traditional and modern furniture design originating in Italy. The brand combines comfort, elegance, and performance to produce sofas and seating, beds, tables, home accessories, and more.

Their innovative designs make use of high-quality materials, and they pay close attention to detail to create unique furniture. Their products certainly stand out, whether it's a chair shaped like a rose or a four-poster bed with raffia veils.

Discover some of the top furniture brands in the world, whether they're popular brands with huge revenues or luxury brands that have a more exclusive customer base. They all have something amazing to offer.

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