January 15, 2022
How to Mix and Match Your Clothes and Make New Dresses?

When it comes to wearing clothes, a few people just follow traditions while a few try to be different. You can simply wear what you have or go to the store to buy anything new. However, not everyone does that. A few would never go and find new clothes, rather, they would mix and match their clothes and make new dresses out of their old ones. So, do you want to mix and match your clothes as well?

Here are a few things you have to do in this regard:

Gather All Your Clothes & Dresses

First of all, you need to gather all your dresses and place them together. Once you have everything under your eyes, you can try and match one thing with another. Make sure to look for combinations you can make and what can be a right thing to wear with another.

Try to Be More Creative

Secondly, you need to be a little more creative. Innovative and creative people can easily mix and match and make a few combinations. For instance, If you have a Pakistani dupatta UK, you can place it with other shirts to know if it is good enough to be worn with them. So, try to be more creative and don’t be afraid to try different combinations.

Know What Goes Well With Your Clothes

You have to be careful while making different combinations because they must go well with one another. For instance, jeans can’t be worn with every shirt. Sometimes, a short shirt goes well with jeans. So, these are a few things you need to be careful about.

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Gather Dresses With Compatible Colors

Also, make sure you choose the right colors. Gather dresses that have similar colors and wear colors that are compatible. For instance, if you have a Pakistani dupatta UK of white or black color, it looks compatible with all colors. So, be careful of the choice of colors as well when you mix and match.

Wear to See If The Mix Fits Well

Once you have made a few combinations, wear them and see if they go well. Also, see if it looks good on you. You can’t decide unless you wear a combination. So, try to wear those combinations at least once and then decide if the mix and match is good enough.

Take Pictures & Send to Your Mates for Their Opinion

Once you wear certain mix and match combinations, take pictures and send them to your loved ones. Take their opinions on the combinations and know if they like it too. If you find good compliments about your mix and match, go ahead with it.

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