October 9, 2021
How To Get Travel Agency Licence In Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has amazing opportunities for travel, both for residents of the country and people who are visiting from abroad. Starting a travel agency can be a fantastic way to launch a lucrative business. To start a travel agency in Bangladesh, it's important to fulfil all of the legal obligations.

One of the things that are required of all travel agencies in Bangladesh is to be registered with the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism. Fortunately, this can now be carried out online, so getting a travel agency licence in Bangladesh is quicker and easier than ever. This guide will help you to understand what is necessary to get it done.

Travel Agency Management System

The Travel Agency Management System (TAMS) is the online system that is used to apply for a travel agency licence in Bangladesh. Introduced in 2018, it allows businesses to register and renew activities with the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism.

Anyone wishing to register a travel agency and tourism activities can do so at www regtravelagency gov bd Travel agency registration is valid for 5 years, and can then be renewed. There is a form to fill in on the website, along with documents that you should submit. enests banner.png

The documents to include in your application are:

● Original copy of the Treasury Invoice deposit

● Verified copy of an updated trade licence

● TIN certificate

● Holding tax payment receipt/home lease agreement and rental payment receipt to prove business address

● Verified copy of Certificate of Incorporation, Article of Association, Partnership Agreement if Limited Company or Partnership Organization

● Swear off non-judicial stamp of 300 TK

● Bank certificate of minimum 10 lak Tk

● Original copy of the Treasury Invoice for the registration fee and VAT deposit

No special qualifications or training are required to start your own travel agency. However, it is important to ensure you register with the right places to get the legal requirements fulfilled.

Other Licences and Registrations

As well as registering with the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, there are some other licences that you may need to secure. You should make sure that you have a Trade Licence from your proposed municipality or city corporation. Additionally, you should register with the Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh (ATAB) and the Association of International Travel Agents (IATA).

Registering your travel agency is essential if you want to ensure your business complies with the law. If your travel agency isn't properly registered with the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, you could risk a fine, jail time, or both.

A recent change to the law means that registered agencies can open branches both at home and abroad, but your business address cannot be changed without approval. If you miss the renewal of your licence, it can be renewed without the licence being revoked. However, there will be a fine to pay if you want to ensure your licence is renewed.

Be sure to register your travel agency with the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism if you want to set up your business legally.

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