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April 27, 2021
10 Best Halal Restaurants In The World

Halal food is delicious, and if you're looking for the best restaurants that sell it, be it for cultural or culinary reasons, you can find out more here. There are thousands of Halal restaurants in the world, but we have picked out 10 of the best, so you might want to keep the following in mind if you're planning on travelling abroad in the future. AAMAX – Website  Development – Digital Marketing.jpg

10 Best Halal Restaurants In The World

In no particular order, here are our pick of the best Halal restaurants.

1. Dubai Sauce (Los Angeles)

According to one review on Trip Advisor, Dubai Sauce serves the "best Halal food in LA." The restaurant has garnered many other excellent reviews too, so if you're planning on visiting Los Angeles, this might be the place to go.

The restaurant is Mediterranean Grill and serves up a variety of foods with Middle Eastern flavours. These include chicken kabobs and beef shwarmas, alongside traditional American food, including burgers and hot dogs, all 100% Halal.

2. The Bosporus (Dubai)

The Bosporus serves delicious Turkish cuisine to the people in Dubai, with a range of delightful foods, including Antrikot Steaks and Donor sandwiches. It has been well-reviewed on Trip Advisor, with one customer saying the meat is "so soft, it melts in your mouth."

The friendliness of the staff has also been noted, as have the glorious Turkish views from outside of the restaurant. For some, it is their favourite Turkish restaurant, so certainly recommended if you're visiting the country.

3. Al Baik (Saudi Arabia)

Somewhat similar to KFC, Al Baik is a chain of Halal restaurants across Saudi Arabia, and are a company built on very strong values and cultural principles. They originated in 1974 with one restaurant and proved so successful, that they have expanded over the years since.

So, if you're looking for the KFC experience, only with Halal meat as the focus, then you need to look out for the Al Baik restaurants whenever you're in Saudi Arabia. Whether you're in the mood for a chicken burger or a shawarma, this is the place to be.

4. Mamoun’s Falafel (New York)

This Halal restaurant has been serving delicious Middle Eastern food to New York residents since 1971, and for many, they are the go-to falafel place in the city. They also sell chicken kebobs, lamb shawarma, and a range of signature sandwiches and tasty desserts.

One reviewer on Trip Advisor cited it as "one of the two best shawarma places in the world," and many have called the experience "legendary." Needless to say, if you're looking for Halal food in New York, this could be your restaurant of choice.

5. Nomad (Marrakech)

After launching in 2014, the restaurant has fast become known as one of the best Halal places in Marrakech, and this is partly thanks to their emphasis on sourcing fresh local food produce. Spread over 4 floors, this is a fantastic venue to eat in, with splendid views of the Atlas mountain ranges and a veritable feast of other scenic highpoints.

Of course, the food is what counts, and the restaurant serves customers a range of tasty Moroccan and Mediterranean foods.

Reviews for the restaurant are rarely below five stars on Trip Advisor, and this is thanks to the tasty food, great atmosphere, and the glorious local scenery. enests banner.png

6. Dishoom Shoreditch (London)

This London-based Halal restaurant serves delicious eastern style cuisine, with a range of Pakistani, Arab, and Indian flavours. Over the years, it has become an internationally recognized restaurant, thanks to its Bombay 1930-style decor and delicious foods.

It's possibly the best Halal restaurant to visit when in England's capital city, especially if you're looking for a place that evokes a Middle Eastern atmosphere and contains an authentic halal cuisine.

Dishoom is part of a chain of restaurants across London, but according to one food critic at The Infatuation, the Shoreditch branch is the best of the bunch because of its unique atmosphere.

7. The Halal Guys (Worldwide)

Beginning in 1990 as a New York food truck, the founding members behind The Halal Guys experienced a lot of success and acclaim for their foods and were given the opportunity to turn their operation into a franchise.

They are now based in locations across North America, Asia, and Europe, and specialise in American foods with a range of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours.

The food and the service have been well-reviewed, and in terms of street food, The Halal Guys have become known as one of the best.

8. Herfy (Saudi Arabia)

With millions of happy customers (according to their website), Herfys is an internationally recognised fast-food chain in Saudi Arabia. They serve a wide range of Halal meat products and Arabian desserts and according to one reviewer on Trip Advisor, they are the "McDonalds of Saudi Arabia".

Another reviewer cited their food as being "super-delicious" and for many people, this is the best fast-food chain in the country, at least where Halal meat is concerned.

9. The Meat Co (Worldwide)

This world-famous steakhouse now has restaurants in locations the world, including the Middle East and London, and they serve a range of juicy steaks for all tastes. They have two menus, one Halal and one non-Halal, and even offer a separate Halal eating section away from pork products.

It is their sensitivity to the needs of Halalarians that has made them so popular, and the great lengths they go to when trying to please their customers has become a common thread on review sites.

10. Al Tazaj (Middle East)

Beginning life in 1989 in the Holy City of Mecca as a small chicken restaurant, Al Tazaj has now become a famous franchise, with over 100 restaurants across the Middle East. Using only the highest quality ingredients, they have become known as one of the most successful Halal restaurant chains in the world.

Not only is their food delicious but it is very affordable too, so if you're in the mood for some charcoal-grilled chicken when visiting the Middle East, you know where to go!

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